Copyright registration in India gives monetary rights and benefits to the original creators of literature, art, music, sound recordings, cinematographed films and broadcasts. This enables the creators to make money from their creation by making copies, performing in public, broadcasting, and issuing its copies to the public for various other online uses. Copyright is automatically created at the moment when creator creates something. But, the act of copyright registration in India is important as it gives the creator a legal right in public so that others cannot exploit the creator’s work.

We provide following services in copyright registration, infringement and litigation

▸ Filing and prosecuting applications for registration of Copyright in India and internationally

▸ Infringement and validity advice

▸ Litigation: Cancellation proceedings, appeals, civil suits and criminal actions for infringement

▸ Anti-piracy measures

▸ Post Registration Services

▸ Assignment, licensing and transfer

▸ Specific agreements

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