Intellectual Property Lawsuits

Intellectual property lawsuits are a reality of maintaining a productive IP portfolio. As one facet of your patent monetization efforts, you should be prepared to actively protect your patents – via legal proceedings, if necessary – to ensure other companies don’t use your patented invention to earn revenue.

Patent litigation requires an understanding of some of the landmark standards that have been seen in major, recent intellectual property lawsuits.

We provide services related to commercialisation & transfer of intellectual property rights

▸ The acquisition or sale of a business presents unique challenges with respect to the transfer of IP rights.

Transfers can be effected through:

Assignment ● Licensing ● Mortgaging ● Franchising ● Transmission

We provide comprehensive services throughout the process by:

▸ Identifying potential partners via in-depth market research

▸ Conducting Due Diligence

▸ Negotiating mutually-beneficial terms and conditions

▸ Preparing agreements

▸ Continuous consultation until the transfer is completed

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