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For IP matters, the principal Courts having jurisdiction to try suits are the District Courts. There are 600 District Courts in India and we are uniquely poised to file and defend suits in most of these Courts, apart from the High Courts of New Delhi, Bombay (Mumbai), Kolkata and Madras (Chennai).

Our litigation services extend to:

▸ Prosecuting and defending civil suits for infringement of trade marks, patents, designs and copyrights

▸ Suits for passing off

▸ Criminal cases for trade marks and copyrights

▸ Anti-piracy measures

▸ Anti-counterfeit actions

▸ Appeals from orders of the patent & trade mark office

▸ Writ petitions

Why clients select - Mynyx Legal House for litigation:

Our practice is:
▸ Across all tiers of judiciary

▸ Spread all across India, not just centred in New Delhi

▸ Based on formulating unique India-centric strategies

▸ Supported by intense research, tactical intelligence and continuous vigilance

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