Trademark Registration

It takes a great deal of hard work and resources to build a brand. Hence, It is important to make sure that you have exclusive ownership to use the logo, slogan, shape and packaging of goods, sound, smell, colour combinations or anything else that gives your brand a distinct identity. Trademark Act, 1999 allows you to register a trademark in India. It makes way for exclusive ownership rights and restricts all others from its usage and thereby benefitting the owner of the registered mark.

Application for logo registration can be done quickly and online. One can start using a “TM” symbol as soon as the application is made. However, TM registration process takes up to 15-18 months. It includes various processes for validating original ownership of the mark. Trademark registration in India is going through many innovative changes. Consider this – one can now avail trademark for Unconventional Marks through which even a distinct sound can now be registered as a trademark in India.

Experts at - Mynyx Legal House file more than 1,000 trademark applications every year. We represent clients in all major cities of India including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Chennai and more.

We provide following services in trademark search, registration, infringement & litigation

▸ Filing and prosecuting Trade Mark and Service Mark applications at the Indian Trademarks Registry

▸Filing and prosecuting Trade Mark and Service Mark applications internationally with the cooperation of our foreign associates or under the Madrid Protocol

▸Infringement and validity opinion

▸Litigation: opposition, revocation, rectification, appeals, criminal and civil suits for infringement and passing off, anti-counterfeit action

▸Appellate Board proceedings

▸Trademark searches locally and internationally

▸Clearance of title

▸Domain Name Search

▸Brand selection advice

▸Journal watch services

▸Post-registration services


▸Portfolio Management

▸Assignment, Licensing and Franchising

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